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Many thanks again for your help last weekend. I will certainly recommend you and your shop to people I come across. As I say at work all the time, here in the UK, good service is decidedly lacking in all aspects of life, so I feel it’s only right to comment when it is found.
I only received one comment on the suit colours, and that was from someone who wished their suit was the same!

Thanks again Sally
Kind Regards
Paul Davies
Senior Estimating Engineer


To Carl and the team,
I just wanted to say thank you for all your help recently. I wanted to order 2 new 5.5 aqualung balance comfort wetsuits for an upcoming trip but unfortunately you were out of stock for the sizes I needed. You were more than helpful and contacted aqualung to check their stock and had the wetsuits shipped to me within days and at a great price too.
The wetsuits were perfect (and a perfect match for the rest of my kit) so I can't wait to get them in the water.
A lot of other stores would have just said sorry, we're out of stock, so thank you for going the extra mile for your customers. I will definitely be shopping with you again in the future and will be recommending you to friends.

Josie Howells

Hi Carl
Just a short thank you for the prompt service on my BCD and computer, and on the supply of my new mares wetsuit. Not only did you match the price I was given by another company you gave me a bit extra for being a loyal customer. That's why I will keep coming back to you for all my dive needs.

Lee Hunter
Morning Sally !
Just a quick thankyou for the kit and excellent service I got from you and your staff. The BCD, Computer and ATX40 regs and gauge that I collected from you on Friday are just what I was after and just the ticket for me at Stoney yesterday. Hope to see you soon for a drysuit.
Many thanks again Matt

Arrived - fantastic. 
Great service Sally. 
Will be in touch in the future.
Thanks again

Hi Sally
Just to confirm my BCD arrived yesterday and is spot on. Thanks for the great service I will have no hesitation in the future in using you again and recommending your company
Regards Greg

Hi Carl,
i get the fins today, excellent job, thank you very much!
Best regards and merry x-mas and a happy new year
Sven Raufeisen from Germany

Hi Carl,
Thank you for your help, I am very happy indeed with the fantastic service I have experienced.

It arrived (my Mares Puck Pro Computer).
Many thanks for your excellent service.
Let me know when you have another and I will order it!
Yours David Smith

Our watersports shop  

Hi Carl

Thank you so very much for getting my camera replaced. I have to admit I thought it was a long shot, but I really can't thank you enough. As far as customer service goes, I've never, ever dealt with a company who puts themselves out like you did to help a customer, even though it wasn't your responsibility, and I'll be sure to sing your praises to all my diving mates

Thanks again
Jordan Ferre


Hello Suzanne,

Thanks for the update and itinerary for the weekend 28th / 29th for the wreck diving course.

Thanks also for booking a room at Truck Haven, I was going to give them a call today to book a room but you have obviously done this before, very organised I must admit.

I look forward to meeting your instructors tomorrow and the weekend a Capernwray.

I have been looking for a new dive centre since Tigerdive closed last year and up to now, impressions so far of ROHO are very good and I'm sure I will be able to recommend your dive school to other ex Tigerdivers who are also looking for somewhere friendly to continue their diving adventures.

Many thanks,
Lee Wiggett.


I have worked in and around the dive industry for the past 20 years, working with BSAC, PADI and the SAA. When instructing it's important to have a suit that's dry and comfortable and stays dry when abused on a daily basis. Unfortunately many drysuits just aren't up to the abuse that a commercial instructor can give them.

RoHo say "Why take a waterproof material and put holes in it?".

After years of using other suits I can only agree from personal experience. Every membrane suit I have used ends out leaking on the seams. Why? Because all that is keeping it waterproof is a piece of tape on the inside. With movement this degrades over time and the suit leaks.

But surely stitching a suit makes it stronger?

Well no in my experience that's not why a suit fails. 15 years ago I bought a very expensive DUI suit but recommended my students buy RoHo as they were 'cheap and cheerful'. My DUI suit now leaks al over and is known as Dry Until Immersed whereas one of my students, who I am still in touch with, has a dry RoHo suit. I guess years ago I didn't believe that a suit held together only with glue could be any good. Daft really as my boat is held together only with glue...

So a year ago I bought myself a RoHo glued tri-laminate drysuit. It's It's a lot lighter and far more comfortable than my DUI suit plus it's tough and survives deep wrecks. It's also still dry!

So why do other manufacturers not make suits like RoHo?

Its easier to stitch and tape a suit on the inside - and by making a feature of the seams you can make it look nice! Just don't expect it to stay dry for long!

Stuart Marshall - Director
Marlin Training Ltd

Our watersports shop

I phoned this morning for advice on dive dry suits, I dealt with Carl who was brilliant. He was polite, knowledgeble, very helpfull and a pleasure to deal with. This resulted in me purchasing a suit.

I am the chairman of a dive club with a large network of friends and divers not only in my club but also many others. As a result of my experience this morning I will happily promote your company to others who hopefully will deal with you in the future.

Can this email be brought to the attention of Carl and his supervisors if that is deemed appropriate please. I am well aware that we are a country full of whingers who only tend to get vocal when things go wrong, sometimes though it is nice to receive thanks when you do your job well etc.

Many thanks
Chris Cook

Hi There,
The suit arrived yesterday, thank you!
It fits perfectly, feels very comfortable and looks fantastic. I will test it next weekend - and celebrate the Finnish Midsummer feast.
 I'm very  satisfied. It's been a real pleasure to be your customer.
Thank you,
All the best

Our watersports shop

Our watersports shop

Hello There
I have received the sail this morning. Everything is exactly as we agreed plus the delivery was very prompt.
I am very glad that i made the purchase at your center and should i ever need to obtain any windsurfing equipment 
I will certainly turn to you.
Kind regards
Michal Gizinski - Poland

Drysuit arrived this morning and fits perfectly - Thank you for your incredibly helpful and efficient service. Best wishes, Peter
Date: 11/5/2010

Just to say thanks. I have just finished a weekend boat diving in Tarbert,the suit I picked up a few weeks ago prove to be worth every penny spent. The outer boots take some getting use to. Hot sock I think for the scottish water, should do the trick. So Thanks, next time I'm down I might get the coffee!

Our watersports shop

Just wanted to send my heartfelt thanks to Chris (in Production) who literally "Pulled-out-all-the-stops", to get my Dry Suit Repaired.
This included: a Leak Test & some work around the Zip Edge=New Tape. Plus he managed to replace the Latex Neck and Cuffs with Neoprene-all done within TWO Days! I delivered late on Weds & will be collecting on Friday! That's REAL SERVICE!!
Thanks again...Ian Johnson
May 26, 2011


Thanks for your e-mail John, regarding my drysuit. I appreciate your
efficient service and looking forward to diving in my new suit.
Regards Graeme Mil
February 01, 2011


Forgot to tell you IRIS arrived in perfect condition and on Tuesday as promised.
Worked straight out of the box.
Great service, thank you very much.
Will definitely shop with you again
Cheers Damon


Thank you for a very speedy response to my order for the Surveyor Nitrox computer. I received it the following day. I am very happy with the computer and hope to do business with you again. I will also recommend you to my friends


Just a quick note to say thanks for the great service. After looking on the internet at the weekend, and seeing the fantastic deal you were doing on Mares Surveyor dive computers I rang yesterday to order two for myself and my husband. The guy in the dive department (didn't get his name) was really friendly and helpful, which makes a nice change these days, (compared to some of your competitors) and the computers arrived at 8 o'clock this morning! What more can I say - Great price, Great service, Thank you!
Will definitely use RobinHood again not only for Diving but we also Snowboard - so now we can one stop-shop!
Thanks again, you have restored my faith in buying mail order
Sue Pritchard


Just droping a line to say how impressed we are with the new thermocline undersuit. We have been diving in UK waters for about 4-5 years and it was often difficult to know how much extra clothing to put on under our thinsulates depending on the time of year.

Even in the water we felt comfortable and that was with nothing but our normal underwear worn under the suit. We also had so much more freedom in the water by not having to wear as much.

The only downside to the suit is that it is so comfortable to wear, you don't want to take it off at the end of the day!!

Well done to RoHo for coming up with such a great product and expect orders from the rest of our club shortly!!

Sam Hannah & Lynn Robinson
Aramis Sub Aqua Club 2006




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